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**Digital Product** - Baldric the Bearded

**Digital Product** - Baldric the Bearded

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Digital product - This product is not physical - it contains the files to print the model with a 3d printer. Due to the nature of digital products, refunds can not be issued for this product. 

In a grand city of the Empire, there was a captain known as Baldric the Bearded. His head was as smooth as a polished shield, but his face boasted a magnificent beard that was the envy of every soldier. Baldric was renowned not just for his battle prowess, but also for his love of a good drink. One evening, after a particularly victorious skirmish, Baldric was seen leaning casually against the massive blade of his great weapon, a bottle of the finest empire ale in one hand. As he regaled his troops with tales of their triumph, he took a hearty swig from his bottle, only to find that his beard had dipped into the ale. With a hearty laugh, he declared, "A true warrior's beard should always taste of victory!" This moment, with Baldric's ale-soaked beard glistening in the torchlight, became a legendary sight among the troops, solidifying his status as the most charismatic and spirited captain in the Empire.



By purchasing access to this personal project you are agreeing to use the files included for personal use only. 

You are authorized to:

  • Print and use the 3D prints of the 3D model for private use, in unlimited quantity;
  • Share the images of your 3D prints of the 3D model on communication media such as social networks or websites.
  • No commercial use or public sharing of the 3D model;
  • No modification or adaptation of the 3D model for public sharing or sale;
  • No distribution, sale, donation or exchange of the prints of or digital files of the 3D model

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Everything was perfect and nice.